This is Charlotte and Ruben. A Swede and a Mexican American, that were living together in Oslo (now in Sweden). 

In June 2012, they threw a waffle party (strange concept indeed, but they even have a waffle day in Sweden), where we met for the first time

Charlotte & Ruben
Halloween 2012

We met again 2 months later at another party they hosted... this time it was a crayfish party, another fine swedish tradition combing equal parts crayfish and aquavit 

After that our first date was Andrew teaching Maren to kitesurf. Then we were pretty much inseparable and spent the next year traveling every chance we got

1st day kiting, Tarifa  Spain, October 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dec. 2012

The "Road" to the kite spot,
Jericoacoara, Brazil, 2012

Jericoacoara, Brazil, Dec. 2012

The kite spot

India, April 2013

Goa India, daily scooter ride 45 mins to the kite beach

Taj Mahal

Summer, 2013
Spain, Norway, US

Maren catches a bad flu in Tarifa... 

... but gets back on her feet to outshoot Andrew in Ordal, Norway

Visiting family in Minnesota, including one very excited nephew

Summer, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Andrew proposes... (Maren said yes)

Shortly after Andrew recieved a job offer in Thailand... and then a month after that,  an email saying we should get married ASAP

October 4th, 2013

After recieveing the "Khun Andrew, probably better you married" email, some family and friends in Oslo threw together an incredible impromptu wedding

Maren's grandfather graciously gave Andrew his bunad to use for the wedding (and dressed him, which was far too complex for Andrew to do himself)

And now we look forward to celebrating with all our family and friends on October 4th, 2014!